The following links are classroom tasks for the classroom.  You can use these plans to implement task-based language teaching in your classrooms.  

Negotiation Tasks
Negotiating tasks are designed to create situations for students to work in teams and negotiate and discuss.  Options are given and groups negotiate and rank them.  Eventually groups choose or draft from the list of options.  Through discussion, authentic and meaningful conversations occur.  Language emerges as groups focus on the best decisions for the team.

These tasks use negotiation and ranking to lead students toward a team goal.   

Performance Tasks

These tasks give students the chance to perform in authentic and meaningful ways.  Through a series of activities and competitions, students use emerging language and focus on common team goals.  

These tasks often take longer than 1 hour.  Variations include research or multiple day planning efforts.

Business Tasks

Business is a series of tasks, so using task-based instruction in business training programs is natural and effective.  Using real and authentic tasks from the business world gives students the chance to focus on meaning while allowing language to emerge.

Business tasks must be different so relevant language and vocabulary can emerge.

The following business tasks provide students a chance to collaborate in teams and focus on a common goal.  

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