The Job Candidate

Task Overview
Students work in teams to simulate the job interview and hiring process.  

Task Outcomes
  • Practice job interview skills and strategies
  • Communicate in speaking
  • Negotiate and choose 

  • 1 hour

Set Up
  • Split students into 3 groups: Job Candidates, Company A, and Company B
  • Teacher provides the industry and position title for companies and candidates.
  • Companies brainstorm and create job interview questions.
  • Job candidates brainstorm and create a list of accomplishments  experiences, and skills for a job.

Team Goals
  • Companies must interview candidates and hire the best choice.
  • Candidates must be interviewed and select the best company to work for.

  • Each Job Candidate interviews with both companies so that all companies have interviewed all candidates.
  • After interviews, companies discuss candidates and choose one to hire.
  • After interviews, Job Candidates reflect on the two companies and choose one to work for. 

  • Students are expected to act professionally in line with the workplace setting.  

  • Companies present their results to the class and inform candidate of selection.

Feedback and Reflection
  • Teacher provides language feedback from interviews and discussions. 
  • Class discusses qualities of candidates that made them more or less 
Conversation Questions
  • What were the most important qualities in the candidates you chose?
  • How difficult was it to decide on a candidate?

  • How did you determine which company was best?
  • Why was it difficult to judge the company based only on the questions they asked you?

Task Variations
  • Job interview questions can focus more on individual language form like hypothetical speech (2nd conditional, "What would you do if you saw a co-worker stealing?")

Emerging Language

  • Job interviews are based on questions, so students have the opportunity to formulate, ask, and answer a variety of question types.
  • When choosing the best candidate, students in companies should use language for advice ("We should", etc.)

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