Task-Based Language Teaching Challenges


1.  Teachers need to be capable of task-based instruction.
Teachers must be able to manage emerging language.  This takes skill and knowledge in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.  

2.  Teachers may struggle to give up control of the lesson.
Task-based learning can take control away from the teacher, which may be a problem with some.  

3.  Teachers may not want to use task-based language teaching.  
Teachers may not like this methodology, so won't apply it properly. 


1.  Students like grammar.
Many students like to learn grammar for a variety of reasons:

  • They have many opportunities to practice outside the classroom, so want more formal English instruction.
  • They have always learned grammar, so they are comfortable with the class structure.
  • With grammar, students feel like they are actually learning something.  Tasks can sometimes seem like nothing is happening.

2.  Not all students may participate equally in task-based learning.
Some students may not be comfortable working in groups so often.  Less structure classes are also sometimes a challenge for students to manage, affecting participation.  


1.  Modelling tasks can be a challenge without good resources.

Modelling all the tasks you want students to perform can take resources.  This may include videos, audio files, and Internet connections.  


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