Task-Based Language Teaching Strategies

Task-based language teaching is challenging.  For instruction to be effective and learning to occur, consider these strategies:


1.  Choose tasks relevant to the learners.

2.  Choose or create authentic tasks closely related to the real world.

3.  Change task difficulty depending on the learners and goals.

4.  Use a variety of tasks.

5.  Choose tasks with clear outcomes to make them easier to assess.  

Time Management

1.  Provide pre-task activities to show necessary vocabulary and activiate prior knowledge.

2.  Be patient during negotiation periods allowing students to speak with others in a meaningful way

3.  Monitor students for language use and task completion.

4.  Provide time for reflection on the task.

5.  Repeat the task when needed.

Focus on Form

1.  Provide language feedback and time for a focus on form.

2.  Focus on form should come after the task to not disrupt the focus on meaning and task completion.

3.  Monitor and collect useful language feedback throughout the lesson.  Take notes!


1.  Assess tasks on outcome, not only language use. 
2.  Ensure fair and objective task settings during assessment.
Learn-Centered Tasks

1.  Allow students to choose task types and task outcomes.

2.  Allow students to judge and assess task outcome.

3.  Show students how tasks are meaningful and relevant to their lives.

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